What we do

We are a company specialized in Argentine/Uruguayan style grilled meat for private and corporate events.

We prepare barbecues in the traditional style at the venue of your choice. Top quality meats made with dedication and passion.

All the meat we grill is excellent in flavor and texture. We cook in the open so guests can appreciate our care in grilling large pieces of meat - a gastronomic show that enhances any event.

Our philosophy

We understand the importance of your special event and we make it our priority. We love our work and are committed to our clients.

The meat cuts in Barbacoa a tu gusto are excellent in both taste and texture. To obtain the best results, we roast the meat very slowly using natural holm oak wood to achieve the best taste and flavor while maintaining all its properties.

On the day of the celebration, we always arrive several hours before the meal to prepare the fire in time for a great slow-cooking experience: your satisfaction and the satisfaction of your guests is our priority.


Experienced cooks with full dedication. Asadores with lots of live fire cooking practice in Argentina, Uruguay and Spain.  


Grill and wood ovens. Cross style grilling and fireboxes. Firewood, tables, utensils, etc. We are well equipped to work autonomously in the most varied scenarios.


We listen to the needs of our customers and try hard to accommodate to their requirements: customized menus, service suggestions, etc.


We recommend and suggest you locations for different events: weddings, conferences, baptisms, communions, etc.